Here you can see the incredible achievements from team Holistic Strength Coaching

Online Client Siobhan competed at a Kaos Strength Promotions competition on Sunday 19th February and smashed it out of the park.
Shiv hit several PBs including taking her current deadlift 1RM for a wild ride of 6 reps- I think there’s a new 1RM to be finding?!
Well done Shiv!

Mark Ball
Online Client Mark competed in his first competition on 6th February hosted by Kaos Strength Promotions and placed 5th in the novice category.
Mark worked super hard throughout his prep, and despite challenges just before the competition managed to pull out several personal bests.
Well done Mark!

Holly Ford
Online Client Holly Ford took 1st place in the Peak Physique Deadlift competition just 3 weeks after surgery on a large knee wound- here she is with her winning 165kg deadlift.
Well done Holly!

Chris Hill
On 4th October 2021 Chris completed a spectacular lift of the Dinnie Stones in Potarch, Aberdeenshire. These historic stones weight 188kg and 144kg- this feat of strength was something that Chris had dreamed of and seeing him achieve this dream was just incredible- well done Chris; an outstanding achievement.




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