Below you will find the different services on offer from Holistic Strength Coaching


1:1 Online Coaching from Holistic Strength Coaching is a unique experience focused not only on becoming fitter and stronger for your sport but also supporting you to become the best version of yourself and helping you to live a more fulfilled life.

Online coaching includes:

  • Completely personalised programming that is designed around your goals and current lifestyle written by Chloe
  • Use of the app ‘Everfit’ to deliver your programme in a clear, easy to read format with space for you to provide written feedback and videos which will shape subsequent sessions
  • Weekly feedback on all completed sessions, this includes technical critique and concise cues to ensure that you are lifting and moving in the best possible way
  • Weekly programme updates; this is done in a reactive fashion based upon feedback that you give
  • Regular written and video call communication with Chloe in the form of written and video call check ins; these check ins are designed to encourage you to reflect, goal set and transform your life, making it easier to form healthy habits and offering accountability making it easier to stick to the changes you make
    • 1 x Weekly Written Check In included
    • 1 x Monthly Video Call Check In included

It is recommended that you have some prior experience of weight training for this option, however 1:1 coaching is available for all abilities, whether you are wanting to move to keep fit or an elite athlete wanting to push yourself to reach the top- Holistic Strength Coaching can help you.

Spaces for 1:1 Online Coaching are currently full- however if you click the button below you can complete the enquiry form to be added to the wait list and Chloe will be in touch!



Holistic Strength Coaching face to face technique sessions are a brilliant opportunity for you to get real time, hands on event specific coaching from Chloe, who has 5 years’ experience competing at an elite level in strongman. This is great for specific skill work but also for becoming competition smart; learning top tips and tricks on how to maximise efficacy and how to gain those extra points in competition.

Face to face sessions are also a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with equipment and different exercises if you are new to strength training. Chloe is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and can offer a safe introduction to strength training.

-Strongman event specific technique sessions

-Olympic Lifting technique sessions

-1:1 personal training sessions

£50 for 1:1

£80 for 2:1


Chloe will to travel to your gym to deliver high energy seminars to your members.

Seminars are catered to the needs of the audience and include Chloe sharing her experiences, hands on coaching of selected exercises/events and theoretical advice around programming with lots of opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Chloe’s seminars are appropriate for all abilities and aim to equip participants with knowledge that they can take away and apply to their own training.

Prices are dependent on the requirements of the seminar and can be discussed by completing the enquiry form or emailing Chloe at


“I felt Chloe was super relatable. She has made the journey of being able to compete be a reachable goal as she’s gotten to where she is from hard work and dedication. I enjoyed the laidback vibes and it wasn’t overly complicated with loads of terminology we wouldn’t understand or remember.”

“I’d 100% recommend this to anyone thinking of starting out in the sport as it’s been a real eye opener to the wealth of knowledge that’s to be had. I would like to go to more and really pick the brains of Chloe.”

“Chloe delivered a fun, relaxed but informative seminar with hands on lifts and time for everyone to have a go. Even if you aren’t interested in taking up the sport the dedication Chloe puts into her sport shines from her and gives you the bug to want to try more!”