Hayley Parnham
1:1 Online Client

“Ahhh I just love Chloe! I respect her not only for her extensive knowledge but also for the way she delivers it.

Chloe makes you feel good, she’s full of energy and positive vibes and she just seems to take all the stressful parts of your training away so that all you’re left with is a clear considered session to focus on – one by one.

I feel more invincible now in all areas of life. I approach things with a different mind-set and am able to process stressful situations much better.”

Chris Hill
1:1 Online Client

“Chloe is above and beyond approachable. She makes my unrealistic goals achievable, and boosts my confidence and belief in hitting them.

Chloe has made me more confident in what my body can do and how resilient it is.”

Pandora Holladay
1:1 Online Client

“My partner often refers to Chloe as an “angel” for taking me on when she did.

She has taught me how to really push and respect my body both in training and life.

Through her I’ve started competing in strongman events, I am grateful to her for providing me with opportunities to train with different people and equipment. I am excited to see how far I can go with this sport.

Recently I competed in my second strongwoman competition. Chloe’s support for me was beyond being an amazing coach, it was like having a good friend pushing me through each event.”




Holistic Strength Coaching uses a scientific approach to programming which will deliver guaranteed results and make you stronger


Holistic Strength Coaching supports you as a whole person and offers support for your mental wellbeing


Holistic Strength Coaching supports you to engage in helpful lifestyle behaviours that will lead to success