Holistic Strength Coaching uses a scientific approach to programming which will deliver guaranteed results and make you stronger


Holistic Strength Coaching supports you as a whole person and offers support for your mental wellbeing


Holistic Strength Coaching supports you to engage in helpful lifestyle behaviours that will lead to success


Holistic Strength Coaching aims to work collaboratively with you to break through perceived barriers and smash your strength and fitness goals, as well as working to build confidence and resilience.
Holistic Strength Coaching takes into consideration your WHY.
Holistic Strength Coaching views you as a whole person and takes into account your current lifestyle and behaviours and how you can still reach your goals in spite of any potential barriers.
Want to get stronger to be better at your sport? Holistic Strength Coaching can help.
Want to try your hand at strongman or strongwoman, or even climb to the world stage? Holistic Strength Coaching can help.
Want to move better and get into shape so you can have a better quality of life? Holistic Strength Coaching can help.
Want to feel more confident and improve your self-esteem? Holistic Strength Coaching can help.
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Holistic Strength Coaching founder Chloe Brennan is an elite strongwoman athlete. Chloe is no stranger to hard training and commitment having won England’s Strongest Woman in 2019 and placing top 5 in both the Arnold Amateur World Championships 2020 and World’s Strongest Woman 2021.
As well as being a successful strength athlete and coach, Chloe is also a registered nurse; these unique qualities combine together to deliver a truly unique, personalised and effective coaching experience.
Chloe has always been passionate about sport, fulfilling potential and helping others. Through her love for strength sports and experience as a registered nurse she has been able to realise her dream and combine her skills and love for sport to help you to reach your goals and build both physical and mental strength and resilience.
Chloe has a wealth of experience in strongwoman both in local competition and on an international stage, knowing what it takes both physically and psychologically to succeed.
Whilst strongman/woman is Chloe’s main passion she also has a growing interest in how strength training can complement performance in other sports and is currently working towards becoming an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach through UKSCA.
Further to this she has experience in implementing Olympic lifting into her own training and as a result recognises it’s importance in becoming a better all-round athlete and is sharing this with other aspiring athletes.
Chloe can support you to become physically stronger and more athletic, to have a better quality of life and to fulfil your potential.

Chloe enjoys expanding her knowledge and skill set and has the following qualifications:

  • Certified Personal Trainer -Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma Practitioner in Personal Training

  • Registered Nurse – BSc First Class Honours Degree

  • Certified British Weightlifting Coach, Level 1&2

  • Mental Health First Aid Practitioner

Chloe has attended the following CPD events:

  • UKSA Foundation in Strength and Conditioning

  • UKSCA Planning Effective Programmes


Corrin is a strength coach who has been in the game for a good while both working online and doing in person training.
Corrin has worked closely with a variety of people of all ages and starting points, she has helped individuals to transform themselves mentally and physically to see what they are capable of, working with people who just want to push themselves in the gym to national and international level strength and martial arts athletes. Corrin is encouraging and friendly and will get to know you in order to get the best out of you.
Corrin’s passion for helping others achieve personal growth and development through training started after being introduced to strength training in her late teens after, like many others, struggling with body image and poor dietary habits. Ten years on, she is well versed in managing body composition through training and nutrition and has even competed in powerlifting AND strongwoman!
Corrin loves helping people to push themselves further than they thought possible and believes that with the right approach and mindset, the pursuit of strength can change your life.


Em is a professional strongwoman and strength coach.
She was not the sporty kid at school, did not enjoy netball or running and for a long time presumed that meant she did not like sport.
But she now says she just hadn’t found the right sport for her! Later on she found ways of moving where she thrived on the personal challenge and seeing what she could achieve.
Em found CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting and eventually Strongwoman where she has found her self confidence and competed all around the world at Worlds Strongest Woman and many other world championships.
Having been on her own journey of learning how movement could help her, Em wanted to help others do the same!
Em firmly believes that anyone who wishes to train consistently towards a goal or for enjoyment is an athlete, they are bringing the dedication and focus to their training and finding the rewards and enjoyment as a result!
She has helped working single mums unleash their inner superhero, coached athletes through their first steps in strength training to develop as seasoned competitors and helped clients build the functional strength to live their lives fuller, healthier and happier.
Em’s wheelhouse is strongman, powerlifting and functional fitness training and she can call upon these disciplines and more to bring you the best methods and techniques to reach your goals.


Desi is HSC’s very own physiotherapist!
Desi offers assessments and rehabilitation for all 1:1 clients where needed and delivers twice monthly sessions to 1:1 clients and The Power Up Project educating on how we can keep our body performing at it’s best and taking us through movement sessions.
Desi competes at a high level of strongwoman herself and has an extremely board knowledge base having worked across many different sports including England Netball, GB Paralympic Shooting and American Football. On top of that Desi works with the Talented Athlete Scholarship Team AND works as a first contact physio in the NHS.
There’s not much this wonder woman hasn’t done and her unique role in HSC is a game changer for clients!


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